You always swipe for others on chorus

We’re all about friends helping friends. Whether you’re single and looking for a connection, or happily partnered and just want to help, Chorus is for you.

You can sign up for now for early access to Chorus BETA. Our full-featured matchmaking app launches later this year.


How it works


1. Sign up

(anyone can do it!)

Whether you’re an active online dater defeated and drained by swiping OR a bystander lending your ear to friends’ online dating horror stories…Chorus is for you.

2. Invite a friend to
join you

If you’re actively dating, invite a friend to be your Matchmaker. If you want to matchmake, invite your single friends (ie. your Daters).


3. Daters create a profile

(it’s easy…but not too easy)

If you’re a Dater you’ll need to build a dating profile. Nothing fancy, but it’ll be more than an emoji. We want to give Matchmakers the info they need. You’ll be able to get feedback from your Matchmaker too.

4. Matchmakers get matching! Daters sit tight.

Matchmaking launches later this year

We’ll show Matchmakers potential matches. They can approve or disapprove. When two Matchmakers approve—we’ve got a match! And everyone (Daters and Matchmakers) get notified.


5. Daters message with their Matches… and their Matchmakers.

Only Daters can communicate with Matches (and can un-match anytime), but Matchmakers and Daters can message away. Daters can send updates on how things are going—flirty chatting commenced, date scheduled, not interested? Let your Matchmakers know!

How much does it cost?

Chorus is free! Eventually, we’ll add a subscription model for premium features. But for now, no charge.

Can I have more than one Dater/Matchmaker?

Yes, you can invite as many as you’d like. In fact, the more the better.

Can I be both a Dater and a Matchmaker?

Not at the moment but we’re working on it! Pick one to start and we’ll let you know when you can be both.


I’m not seeing potential matches, what’s up?

Right now you can only set up a profile and invite friends to be matchmakers and / or daters. The matchmaking starts this fall.


Do you have a mobile app?

Not yet, but it’s coming. Join us on the web—let us know what you like, don’t like, want more of—and we’ll have a mobile app soon. Promise.

What cities are you in?

For now we’re focusing on New York. But we’re growing quickly, and the more users we get in other cities, the quicker we can get there. So please join and spread the word wherever you are!


I have feedback, how do I share it?

Have a feature idea, see a technical issue, or just have a question for us? We want to hear from you! Email us at and we’ll get back to you.

Why can’t I swipe for myself and other people?

If you want to swipe for yourself there are hundreds of dating apps to choose from—go forth. But Chorus is all about matchmaking, friends helping friends is what we’re about.