Our Story

Chorus started with a group of women around a dinner table. Half of us were partnered, the other half were single, and we’d all been friends for years. The single ones amongst us were complaining, as usual, about online dating: swiping takes time, messages go ignored, and we’re tired. The partnered women were complaining that they felt left out of the now ever-present world of online dating and wished they could help their single friends find matches.

Friends have always been on the front lines of navigating relationships, there’s no reason to stop that just because it’s moving online. We created Chorus to bring friends back into the dating process. We’re an all female team who understand—on a deeply personal level—that online dating is making us all a little more lonely. And it doesn’t have to be so bad.

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It wasn’t always like this.

Back in my twenties (I’m 37), we all met each other through friends. It was messy and chaotic and hearts were regularly broken…but it was fun, it was social, and it was real. These days people are icons, accountability is nonexistent, and meeting people means staring at your phone in bed. Friends no longer have insight into each other’s dating lives. This is particularly true as we get older, people couple up, and lose (or never had) the connection to online dating, while it continues to infiltrate single people’s lives.

But this bifurcation between singles and couples as we get older is completely unnecessary. Whether you’re partnered or not, everyone loves to talk relationships. So we built Chorus. Chorus lets anyone (whether you’re in partnership or not) support friends in online dating. You cannot swipe for yourself on Chorus—we are all about friends helping friends.

Online dating isn’t going away, but the isolation inherent in the current experience is unsustainable. It needs to change. So, please, whether you’re happily partnered or looking for this elusive thing called love, invite a friend to join you on Chorus and have some fun. Dating is weird and wild, especially online, and what are friends for if not to navigate the crazy together?

Your friends want to help, we let them help.