We’re not your average dating app… Actually, we hate dating apps

We’re a community of people who care about connection.

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Join The Chorus Committee

We started Chorus with the goal of bringing community back to dating, so it only makes sense for community to be at the heart of our design process, too.

The Chorus Committee is a private group of smart, caring, highly engaged people in all different stages of relationships and dating. The Committee gets a sneak peak on new features and designs and has the chance to shape the product as we grow.

We're changing the texture of modern dating, and unlike many-a-tech-company we're under no pretenses that we have all the answers. 

Email hello@getchorus.co to join.


What we ask:

  • Respond to one prompt a week. This may be a survey, designs, a sneak peak at features.

  • Shop these ideas out to the world, talk to friends, and weigh in. They're great conversation starters: everyone has an opinion on dating!

  • Try to sign up at least 15 people—this is easier than it seems, especially as you start talking to people about Chorus.

What you'll get:

  • We'll host dinners for the group to get together, discuss ideas, and of course talk relationships (NY and CA to start but we're growing quickly!)

  • You'll have the opportunity to share your own dating and matchmaking stories (good or bad) through our content series.

  • You'll not only get to see all the new features and designs first, you'll have the chance to really shape them.